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How to Retrieve My Protected Health Information?

Accessing your protected health information can be confusing and sometimes you don't know where to start. Learn how to approach your provider to request and access your medical records. 

Your Information. Your Right. 

Learn how to obtain information from your electronic health records (EHR), share it with others and use it to control your health. 

Fees and Timing

Learn about the accompanying fees, forms, and the time it may take to obtain a copy of your records. 

Third parties

Learn about your right to access your information through a third party, such a phone mobile app. 

How to get started?

Although the process of obtaining your protected medical information varies from healthcare facility to healthcare facility, we have curated a request  template that can be used to fill out with your appropriate information and be mailed to your physician. 

Please note, that your physicians office might have its own process established for this purpose. However, the aim of this form is to give you a place to start this request with your healthcare provider. 

Download form here

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